The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come

tormented with dreams
i wake up a thoughtless sinner.
hardened heart.
i have fallen.
demons scratching at my soul
locked up
i ache for the love of one.
kiss me and release me
let me into your heart
and I will dance.
let me be free
from myself.
gift me a blade
i will slice my skin
and tear it off.
excruciating pain
transforming into daylight.
i go to my knees
blood flowing
releasing the fury within.
tides crashing
at my feet.
telling me
no more calculations.
one true sequence.
touch something beautiful.
let me touch you
i just want …
i just want …
i …

Drew Frederic

Model and Photographer:  Gianni Vieri, England
Art:  Glitch (Pixel Distortion)

I have never met Gianni.  We have only conversed online via FaceBook.  He is a stunning and unique individual and I was immediately drawn to a specific self portrait he posted.  The photograph I used for this piece of art had me hooked immediately.  I did the art over a period of time.  Pixel Distortion is very time consuming and my perfectionism kicks in quickly.  I have to put aside, look at it again, put it aside, takes days and days.  I finished the piece a few weeks ago and this morning as I was looking at the piece, words started flowing.

The poem does not necessarily reflect emotions I felt while looking at the art, but more what I have been feeling and the art exposed my emotions.  His photograph pushed my words.

Gianni and I are in the process of doing a formal shoot and thus more artwork will be forth coming in the form of paintings, sketches, and digital pieces.

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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