The Gift of Lines

The Gift of Lines

it starts with a line
simple lines
all put together
in an order
each existing
relying upon each other
any deviation
outcome is not the same
performing with love
precise heat
it’s not magic
a gift presented
it starts with a line

Drew Frederic

Model: Roy Paz
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Drew Frederic Photography

I met Roy serendipitously (spell check does not like this word) online a few years back. You know that app where people post pictures and have tons of fake followers 🙂 Roy and I became instant admirers of each other and a shoot was eminent. I have traveled to Israel a few times and on my second visit to Israel, Roy was finally free. Busy man he is. The shoot was an amazing time and we soon realized the mutual admiration was real.

Go figure, my first trip to Israel and Roy went scuba diving in the Red Sea instead of shooting with me. I mean, choices? Really? haha On my second trip to Israel, I was the one flying off to the Red Sea. But I was prone and supine on the beach for 10 days. The only plastic apparatus I had in my mouth was a straw. Lazy smart tourist I was!! 🙂

Anywho, on my second trip to Israel, planned months in advance, Roy and I collaborated in one helluva shoot. Excited!! We shot on his rooftop patio and it rocked!! We were engulfed in the warm middle eastern sun, great city sounds and vibes, inspiration zoomed all around, and we had one stupendous time. A year later and I can still remember every detail of those three hours of shooting. From my knock on the door of arrival, the angles, the shadows, the nerves, the exhilaration, to the hug of departure. Impact.

All I simply need to say is “Roy is amazing”!!!!!!! But if I only wrote that line, what would you have to read? Dorky Drew likes to talk!! Anywho, What does amazing mean? You will have to meet Roy and figure this out on your own. For now, take a peek at more pics by clickety clicking on this link: ENJOY


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