There Is a Man

There Is a Man

he puts his hand on my knee on the bus
he has me tearing up my britches
he keeps the light in my room company
he comforts my condescending pillow
he dreams of me and sets me free
he holds my hand in front of me
he holds my hand in back of me
he holds my hand beside me
he holds my hand
he closes his eyes and sees me in his heart
he weeps in the mirror at the thought of me
he looks out the window to see which way I go
he is that love when it’s hard to breathe
he lets me walk in my own mess
there is a man … he is my love

Drew Frederic

This is for all those who have a special someone in their life. Whether they be a husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, friend, etc… We all treasure the moments they gift our souls, our memories, our life’s story…

This is a piece of art I created of a model I photographed a few years back. I was traveling through Albuquerque, NM when we met and we shot on the evening of a full moon in the surrounding foothills. Surreal.

Cheers, Drew Frederic

Published by Drew Frederic

Photographer, Artist, Poet, Chef, and Photojournalist.

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