In The Mirror

In The Mirror
I see imperfection … perfection
I see stubborn … docile
I see loneliness … self-love
I see despair … hope
I see bullied … compassion
I see freak … individuality
I see hatred … love
I see abomination … adoration
I see labels … I see me
Drew Frederic

Medium: Watercolor, Charcoal on paper

We all see many things when we look in the mirror. Much of what we see is influenced by the words we hear from others we know, from those with whom we don’t know, and the stares and glances we receive. It’s hard at times to just see yourself.

The next time you utter words be mindful of knowing your words will have an impact. The next time you look at someone know your eyes will leave an impact. You have a purpose in your existence and it is to do ‘good’, to spread kindness.

This piece was designed to help those ‘see’ themselves and to either reinforce how you already are towards others or to change your heart. This painting and poem is part of the “I Am” series. Just See!!

Cheers, Drew Frederic

Published by Drew Frederic

Photographer, Artist, Poet, Chef, and Photojournalist.

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