Meant To Be

Meant To Be

the flow of time
the hubris of this idea
show me the past memory
it will not be mine
show me the future memory
it will be mine
two different times
the same memory
two different people
the same duality
i see with more than eyes
not supposed to be like everyone else
it is not the measure of me
heyyyyyyy heyyyyy
what’s the matter with my mind?
it always takes a second
heyyyyyyy heyyyyy
nothing the matter with my head
full of boobie traps
i succeed
by being who i am
the flow of time

Drew Frederic

Model:  Dekota (click on this link to see more pictures from the photo shoot:
Location:  Rochester, Kent, England
© Drew Frederic

Published by Drew Frederic

Photographer, Artist, Poet, Chef, and Photojournalist.

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