Frozen Man


Frozen Man

A game played
Senses tell me.
A joke, On me
No fool, Am I.
I was, Serious.
You wanted, To be.
The door to the candy store
Is always open.
I exited quickly
Tapity Tap
Tapity Tap Tap Tap
But…. You will
Find another.
To step upon.
And, They will stay.
Feed your, Whims.
They are, Everywhere
For you.
Time has, Frozen the man
In your, Head.
He repeats, His constant need
For immediate satisfaction.
You are, Ever the
Obedient servant.
The clouds fill your head.
I am but your dream
Never coming true, For you.
For always will there be
A candy store
Forever will I be
Your reminder
Of, A dream
Of knowing, Yourself.

Drew Frederic

Published by Drew Frederic

Photographer, Artist, Poet, Chef, and Photojournalist.

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