Down the alley I stride
Clickety-click, clickety-click
cocky gait
Head moving on a pedestal
I know he is there, I smell his presence
Always the game of a hunt he prefers
The allure of ensnaring provokes his heat
I know, I feel, I sense
his eyes glued to my shadow
Ever focused on his mark
Heart racing
Sweat trickling
Snap, snap, snap
The snap of his fingers
Head swivels
A nod
Next to me now
Warm threads of cotton neat and pressed
A tug, a grasp, a look
Raw passion cross over his lips
His desire, unbreakable
Electrified hair

Drew Frederic

Model: Dekota Stryder
Location: Rochester, England
Original Background Painting: Dekota Stryder

This photo shoot had the potential to completely be a flop and it had the potential to be over the top.   Edgy, cocky, confident Dekota was my model. An original painting inspired by Amy Winehouse (one of my favorite musical artists) was the unknown element. Leather collar and a cigarette or two were essential props. Thus the perfect setting for this model became one edgy, raw, exhilarating, memorable photo shoot.

The shoot took place at Dekota’s flat in Rochester, England. As soon as I entered into his space, I was mesmerized by his painting of Amy Winehouse.  I was awestruck.  I have always been intrigued by her music and her life.  I resonate with her music.  It hits my core. The emotions this painting evoked were deafening.  Thus, the question:  “How do I incorporate this painting into the photo shoot?”

We started to shoot and Dekota was very very shy. I was in angst. “Think fast Drew! You need to come up with something to get this dude to relax and give me his all” I kept looking at the painting.  The shoot was dying.  I have to save this shoot.  What?  What?  What?”  I found myself looking at the painting after every snap.  Amy had me and she knew it.  Snap, look, snap, look, snap, look… I could not stop looking.  Addicted.  Amy was known to be very shy and yet she was an extrovert within her own comfort zone.  Her way, her turf.   “Yes, let Dekota dictate the shoot, let control go Drew.  This is it, let control slip away.  This is his turf and let him be.”

Mind began spinning, asking questions: Do you smoke? Do you have leather? You have tatts? All coming together.  You tell me Dekota.  I am but your servant doing as you decide.  You are the director and the star.”  Inspiration!  Excitement!!

Unbelievable shoot began. Unbelievable shoot took place. Dekota was the shining star as he reveled in his comfort zone below his magnificent piece of art.  Amy Winehouse was the the inspiration and I let go of control.  Growth.  Satisfied.

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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