Creole Seasoning

Creole seasoning is one of the easiest and quickest ways to add flavor and variety to any meal. Effortless to make and once you do, you will never buy store bought again! Creole seasoning is a great way to take your meals to the next level. It definitely adds a wow factor to chicken, pork, baked potatoes, fish, seafood, casseroles, stews, pasta, rice, and more.

Creole seasoning is a combination of spices and herbs influenced from Europeans, Native Americans, Africans, Acadians, and people from the West Indies/Caribbean. People from these different parts of the World all lived in Louisiana in the 1700s and 1800s. The merging of these different cultures and societies gave way to a true melting pot of flavors with their cuisine that are uniquely Louisiana. Their recipes, dishes, and regional specialty foods have enriched our taste buds for generations. Creole and Cajun foods have truly changed my way of cooking and with the way I explore different foods and recipes!!

5 tablespoons paprika (can use smoked)
3 tablespoons kosher salt or sea salt
2 tablespoons onion powder
2 tablespoons garlic powder
2 tablespoons dried oregano
2 tablespoons dried basil
1 tablespoon dried thyme
1 tablespoon black or white pepper
1 tablespoon cayenne pepper

Add all the ingredients into small bowl and mix well. Store in an air tight container and store in a cool place. This will last for a few months. You can also add all of the ingredients to a grinder and finely grind the spices and herbs. I use a “Molcajete” (mortar and pestle) to lightly blend my spices and herbs.

NOTE: Leave out the salt for a sodium free seasoning mix. Want more heat? Add more cayenne. You can truly add or delete any spice or herb to satisfy your own personal taste. I have had people ask me “Drew, what is the difference between Cajun seasoning and Creole seasoning?” Cajun is about the spices and peppers (heat). Creole is about the spices and herbs (savory). I love both and each has it’s purpose in my pantry. But!! I love my Creole Seasoning the most!! It is my go to seasoning!!

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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