5 New Chaps – Pizza & Brewskis

I have explored just about every neighborhood, every park, and every alley in the city of Denver. I did it with curiosity and with my camera. If you know me, you know I am very inquisitive. I have this incessant desire to know things, discover, learn, figure things out, explore, and I am not hesitant to ask a question. Do not confuse inquisitive with being nosy. Wink Wink 😉 When I am walking down a dirt road, I always have to know what is around the bend. I’m a “why” type of guy. But but but, I can easily spin on a dime and be “well, things just are and there is no need to know why, just sit back and enjoy.”

On one of my weekend trips into the city, I stumbled upon an abandoned area near the historic 5-Points neighborhood of Denver. Abandoned by progress and developers but not abandoned by humans needing a home. I was curious about the area, the graffiti was amazing, and I thought the place felt somewhat peaceful. As I entered into a partially torn down part of the warehouse, I heard some voices around the corner. Of course I had to know who was there and I went around the corner. I was immediately greeted by 5 chaps living in that space. I introduced myself and struck up conversation with them right away. They were just as inquisitive about me as I was of them. Our conversation was all over the place. We solved all the problems of the world, believe in Aliens, Bigfoot and Nessie were up in the air, feelings about lawyers and politicians were the same, talked about some philosophy, got really spiritual, and did a lot of laughing. I was there for quite a spell and hunger kicked in. A couple of them walked with me to get a couple of pizzas, chips, and some brewskis. It was on me and greatly appreciated by all of them. We did a lot more laughing and discussed what great pizza was and who made the best. This part got a wee bit heated.

Totally enjoyed the visit and could have spent the night sitting in a circle around a fire drinking more brewskis with these chaps. My day was coming to an end and I asked their permission to take some pics. This took a long time as each picture I snapped they had to see the results. Whew, wow, whew, that took some time as all 5 had to see each picture and all 5 had to make a comment and of course there were disagreements. The things I get myself into. All good tho, all good.

As I sit and write this story, I reflect on the joy I have of meeting people and talking with them. I cannot imagine a life of not being able to talk to strangers and making new friends as a result. And even though I never ran into any of these chaps again, they are a part of my life story and I can sit back and smile as I reflect. What a joy!!

Here are a few pictures of the space that was a home to 5 chaps I broke bread with one weekend in Denver.

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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