Japanese Teriyaki Sauce

Traditional Japanese teriyaki sauce has 4 ingredients. Ingredients such as garlic, foreign liquors, and spices are all due to Kikkoman meeting the needs of Americans and other foreign countries. For example, after the war, in the 1950’s, the people at Kikkoman realized Americans were using teriyaki sauce for BBQs. Thus, Kikkoman produced a BBQ sauced called Teriyaki Marinade which is now widely popular here in the US. Other flavors quickly followed.

I know a lot of people use their sauces, I am not a fan. I prefer the more traditional teriyaki sauce that is used in many Japanese restaurants in Japan and in different pockets of Japanese communities throughout the world. Just about every restaurant in Liberdade (Sao Paulo, Brazil), the largest Japanese community outside of the country of Japan, use traditional cooking methods, sauces, and foods. This is where I obtained the simple and incredible authentic Japanese Teriyaki Sauce recipe. I love it so much I am introducing to you the way to do it, Japanese-style!!!

250 ml (8 oz) Soy Sauce
200 ml (6 oz) Mirin
200 ml (6 oz) Sake
60-90 g (2-3 oz) White Sugar or Yellow Rock Sugar

1. Place all ingredients in a sauce pan over medium heat. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Do Not Boil!!!
2. Bottle it and store in the Pantry. This is last as long as you want it to. I always have a bottle in the Pantry.
3. That’s it!!!! Very simple.

*NOTE: I had to purchase my Yellow Rock Sugar online and I prefer using this. The sauce should not be had on its own. This sauce is just a base. It needs to be heated by soaking ingredients in the sauce and cooking them or using it as a glaze while grilling meat, fish, or vegetables.

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