Handcrafted bracelets using recycled glass from the Middle East, reclaimed bone and wood from Nepal and Africa, and treasures I find during my travels around the World.

Please take your time to look around my gallery of bracelets and find the one(s) which attract your eye. Click on a thumbnail for a larger view. Once you have made your selection(s), fill out the form to place your order and I will contact you immediately for payment details or to answer any questions. Each bracelet is identified with a number on the lower left. You have to click on the image to enlarge the picture and see the identification number. For example “Bracelet 101”. Thanks.

I will be designing more bracelets with smaller beads and also bracelets with semi-precious gem stones. Please be patient as these are forth coming. If you do not see a design you like, check back in a week to see new designs or send me a message about an idea. Use the form below for messaging me.

All bracelets are $20 each. Shipping is not included. If your bracelet needs to be shipped, we will discuss the shipping fee once I know the address. I am minimizing costs to you and myself by not accepting credit cards (fees are ridiculous). This all may seem ‘old school’ but for me, keeping the middle man out of my pockets makes my life easier.

Payment is via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash. Please fill out the form and we will discuss how payment takes place (no credit cards). Cash applies to only people living in the United States and cash has to be received by me before I ship the bracelet.

*Note Please scroll to the bottom of this page for additional information.

Note:  All bone beads used in my bracelets are all from reclaimed bones.  All beads are handcrafted from Artisans in the different regions and communities of Africa, the Middle East, and Nepal. All bracelets are either made with a stretch elastic cord or a pull cord for easy on and off. Bracelets will fade if worn in the water or showering. Some beads will fade over time from general wear.

Bracelets sizes are pretty much uniform to an average woman’s wrist (6 inch wrist) and an average man’s wrist (7 inch wrist). Please discuss the size of the bracelet with me. If you do not remember to ask, trust me, I will ask what size. Cheers, Drew Frederic