I am driven by the unknown and I am always wanting to know what is around the corner. This website is a way for me to present to you my photographs, art, poetry, recipes, and writings.  I am always willing to stretch boundaries and get edgy.  I was born and raised in the very northeast corner of the US.  A country boy at heart with an explorer’s zeal.  For the last 30 years, I have traveled around the United States and the world photographing men, people, places, food, nature, and enjoying new cultures.  Now I find myself stationary building a life on a small plot of land in the wilderness.  I have a cabin, a river, no electricity, no cell towers, and yet I am finally living the life I was meant to live.  I am creating my space to paint, draw, knit, write, cook, build, mold, create, plant, and commune with nature.  I still have the itch to shoot and will be traveling periodically throughout the years ahead of me.

Feel free to drop me a note to say hello, leave a comment, if you want to model for me, or hire me for a photo shoot.  Just click the Contact link and fill out the online form.

Cheers — Drew Frederic