Photographs of the naked form are presented to impress thoughts from the sole agent of light alone.  No other medium required.  They are composed as the sun would have it and not by some mere imitation.  The impact of light kissing and caressing as it dances on the naked form profoundly connects the viewer’s soul to the primal beauty of nature just as light on the flower, the deer, the tree, and the landscape do.  Humans and nature are but the same, beautiful in their true form, raw.

Drew Frederic

Model: Dor – Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

I created this website to present my photographs of people, nature, places, men, food, bands, and events.  My photographs are but an extension of my eyes, my thoughts, my imagination.  This site also contains my poetry, art, recipes, and writings about my experiences I have while I experience life.  My site is a constant work in progress as I will be adding content as I write, create, photograph, travel, and try different foods from around the world.

Please contact me for prints or to work with me.  I enjoy doing portfolio work, small intimate weddings, engagement pictures, family portraits, senior pictures, concerts, promotional, and photojournalism.  Click on “Contact” in the menu and send me a message.  Cheers and enjoy!

The model for this page is Dor of Israel.  I met Dor serendipitously in Fall of 2017.  We established an immediate bond and shot within a day of meeting .  Dor was a dream to photograph and he enjoyed the sun kissing his skin.  Dor also had a humorous edge to him and he kept me smiling and laughing during the entire shoot.  Dor = Geek.  Being a fellow geek, I know first hand we are full of quirky fun.  Energy synced us together for one spectacular shoot.  You can see more pictures of Dor by clicking on this link.


Drew Frederic