One Purpose

One Purpose

buzz buzz buzz
distant thoughts
vibrating Pieces of skin
he uttered ‘hello’
focused, unfocused
buzz buzz buzz
green eyEs his bait
chin, smile, grin
no small lines
i hear a wee sound
buzz buzz buzz
glueD, unglued
his light
dreams, reality
why not
buzz buzz buzz
pleasure is all
the same
i do not want just
wish me the pain
in the comfoRt of your
far far away
i hear the loud sound
buzz buzz buzz
travel, leap, fall off
come get me
here i will be
i was bOrn for one
purpose only
here i will be
buzz buzz buzz

Drew Frederic

Digital Art:  Illustrator and Autodesk SketchBook; Source:  Self Portrait by Pedro.

Published by Drew Frederic

Photographer, Artist, Poet, Chef, and Photojournalist.

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