The Bearded One


The Bearded One

i flew to hallowed ground a wretched man
broken, disturbed, shallow, and vain
internally full of echos
eyes full of noise
ears easily enticed by ego filled light
walking the streets
at my worst
from the shadows
the bearded one appears
he shows no face
he reaches out and touches my cheek
my walls crumble
he kisses my eye
the man in my head screams at me
to my knees
i tremble and cry
cry, cry, cry, cry, i cry…
joy finds a crack and seeps in
the bearded one wraps his arm around me
he bleeds the man in my head
vanquished now
i awake
was this a dream?
a dream i do not have
the bearded one has a face
he is with me
at peace

Drew Frederic

Model: John Madden
Location: Rockport, MA

John and I have collaborated on a couple of photo shoots these past years. This particular photo comes from a series I did one day with him in Rockport, MA. We took a ton of pics, did a lot of talking and laughing. Then we came to a spot in our day when no more words were spoken. Energy placed him and myself in a zone. Energy created a place in time for this shot to take place and the subsequent shots you will all soon see.

Why this shot with this poem? The significance is internal to me and one that will only be spoken when asked of me, by anyone, at anytime. I will tell you the poem is a result of my trip to Tel Aviv, Israel. I was a broken man, my ego controlled my existence. As each day of my two month Middle Eastern trip expired, energy was continuously surrounding my soul. I knew it was there, ignoring I did. Until one night, as I was walking along Rothschild Blvd at 1 a.m., I felt this warm breeze hit me and I froze. I looked around to see who else was around. I saw no one, I was alone. But I was not alone. I felt a presence. Peering out in the darkness to see who else was there I was suddenly engulfed with emotion, with energy. I immediately crumbled to my knees. Tears flowing and sobbing so loudly it deafened the quiet night. Crying and trembling. I was overcome by this energy and sense of peace. I just let my soul react to what was hitting my core. The rest is a conversation. But I did arise smiling.

Even tho John did not break me to my knees, shooting him that day was peaceful and full of joy and laughs. Looking at this picture I took of him reminds me of that night. I will let you use your imaginations as to why.

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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