Persona — Secret Desires

Model: Pierre Bruno, France
Medium: Digital Lines & Sketch
Shoot Location: Stratford, London, England
Drew Frederic Photography & Art

I am producing a new series titled “Persona”. The word “person” comes from the Latin word “persona” (meaning “mask”). Wearing a mask allows the wearer to create or adopt a new identity or even a personality. Developing new mannerisms and behaviours.

Thinking on this “Persona” theme, I decided to collaborate with a French artist, Pierre. We met up in London while I was in the UK trekking around. Pierre and I talked extensively about creating an entire theme for one aspect of the shoot around the use of “masks.” Creating shots based on Pierre adopting, embracing, and letting loose a hidden “persona.” The shoot was a success, emotionally draining, and inspiring for us both.

I will be creating more pieces in this new series as time passes. For now, enjoy the introduction of “Persona” by viewing a small sample of my shoot with Pierre (18+ for viewing) at …


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