For the Love of Ginger

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Model:  Steven Di Costa
Location:  Regents Park, London, England

Why Steven?  He has gorgeous ‘Red Hair’.  That simple.  Also, all red hair people are from the same genetic group ‘R1b’ and since I am also a part of this group, we are cousins.  What a trip photographing a very very very distant cousin.  hahaha  On a serious note, Steven is a very handsome man.  As I continue to photograph the beauty of the male body, Steven was willing and I was and still am an admirer.  You see, Steven has been photographed by some of the top photographers from around the world.  I have followed his career and have been wanting to photograph him.  One day I said “Drew, just freakin’ ask, he’s either going to say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and you will not know the answer until you ask.”  I guess you figured out his answer!!!  I talk to myself a ton.  Just saying.

I found a ridiculously cute flat in Regents Park.  The natural lighting was a dream as well as the amount of space.  Owned by someone who has a modern taste for furniture and accessories.  I am the type of photographer that loves to shoot in a natural indoor or outdoor environment and not a sterile studio with a back drop.  Tho, a studio does come in handy at times and have used occasionally.  Did I mention that this flat was a few blocks away from ‘Abbey Road Studios’?  OMFW  What a break down that was.  Standing from a distance seeing and thinking “Drew this is where the Beatles shot their album cover and recorded music.”  Face was covered with salty water.  I walked the road with swag.

Steven and I shot inside and created some fabulous photographs.  Two guys zoning!!  Pure magic.  Then I had this brain storm about the ‘Tube.’  “Hey Steven, what do you think about going to the station and finding a secluded spot and shooting?  Let’s do it Drew, this will be cheeky and what a smart idea.”  (FYI ‘smart’ has nothing to do with intelligence in that sentence.)

These are just a sample of what Steven gave my lens.  I was in awe the entire time.  Steven is full of swag, confidence, cockiness, attitude (the right kind), and owns his beauty and his ‘Red Hair’ … For the Love of Ginger – Steven Di Costa

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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