Creative Souls

Model: Pierre Bruno
Location: Stoke Newington, London, England
Medium: Black and White

Pierre hails from Paris and he met me in London for a much anticipated photo shoot. He’s a loving husband and an incredible father of two beautiful girls. He’s also an incredible artist and a huge dork. The two reasons we connected!!! The later being the most important. If he wasn’t a dork, I just don’t know … hahahaha

After an intense long first night of shooting, we lounged around the next morning in the magnificent space I found in Stoke Newington.  Found a dude online, he and I had never met, and after chatting for some time and me talking freely about a bit of predicament I was in, rented me his flat for two nights.  Is that a run on sentence?  The space had high ceilings, wood floors, huge wood table, comfortable sofa and chairs, retro kitchen, counter space that put me in ‘jealous’ mode, floor to ceiling windows, a marvelous patio with plants, a huge library with a step ladder, and Oh, one incredible collection of vinyl!!  We were soaking up the sun, drinking some coffee, chatting, and enjoying the space. Totally enjoying the space, the energy, and our dorky conversation.  Putting two dorks together, two artists, the conversation is going to be … let your imagination zoom around with this thought.

At some point, Pierre picked up his mechanical and started sketching. I was fooling around with my camera on the sofa, creating some custom black and white settings.  I would occasionally glance over to Pierre and I’d make a sarcastic remark.  He would roll his eyes, shake his head, laugh, and go back to sketching. He was a good sport with his laughs.  Did I mention he has a high level of tolerance?

Moments passed and I heard a voice say “Drew test the new settings.” I looked up, light was perfect, Pierre’s body was just right, energy kicked in and this is one sample picture of two creative souls in their zone. Nothing serious, no planning, just pure energy! Makes for the best… I just love my inner voice…

Cheers, Drew

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