They will try and persuade you
Fill your head with senseless dribble
Convince you of stereotypes they make up
Keep us down is their goal
Their tongues will show no mercy
Smart?  Yes they think they are
Their opinions of me are like garbage
Stench, I toss them away
Circumstances are but my strength
I pause
I ask you
Open the vault of your soul
Let your eyes and ears enjoy slumber
Invite me into your home
Break bread
I am more than what you see

Models:  Home Town Heroes (Rappers)
Location:  Denver, CO

This piece is based on the dangers of stereotyping.  Stereotypes are nothing more than generalized beliefs of a particular category of people.  They are usually based on the sharp tongues of gossip.  Harmful and spiteful and have no place in humanity.  Stereotypes amount to propaganda dispersed by the evil and weak.

Let your eyes and ears enjoy slumber.  Free of news and gossip.  Enjoy what others have to offer.  Let yourself see past their skin color, their hair, their makeup, their sexuality, their ethnicity, their gender.  Break bread and let your soul be enriched.  People are more than what you see.

Drew Frederic

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