It Seems To Me


It Seems To Me

It Seems To Me others like to hear their own voice.  As if on a stage, directed to an audience who laugh and applaud as the actor demeans and bullies others.  Others who are different.

It Seems To Me these people live in desperation.  Desperately searching for the stage actors revel for in a performance well done.  Desperately searching for the approval of others.  Desiring to know what others think of them.

It Seems To Me they will go at no length to achieve recognition.

It Seems To Me they will wear any mask in order to sit upon a throne they believe is higher than others.  This is what matters.  A throne, a trophy, applause, approval.

It Seems To Me that such people care only that you see them praying not that they are actually praying.  The appearance of doing good deeds and not the actual act of performing good deeds.

It Seems To Me the actor has many in their audience yet they are desperate, alone, and unhealthy.

It Seems To Me I do not need applause, approval, or laughter.  I conduct my life according to the music I hear in my head, it is my voice.

It Seems To Me I do not need recognition for a good deed.  I am the only one who needs to know.  This is my inner strength.

It Seems To Me I do not need to be seen.  I can stand on my rooftop and be who I am, standing tall.  I stand alone but yet I have the best audience.  Myself.

It Seems To Me I am the only one who feeds my own spirit and I, and only I, am responsible for my own happiness.

It Seems To Me I am not an actor.  I am who I am and when I gasp for my last breathe, I will smile and say to myself:  “I am home.”

Drew Frederic

Model:  Roy Paz
Location:  Roy’s rooftop, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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