The Gift of Free Moments

The Gift of Free Moments

No thought
No guess
No hesitation
Freely scattered about
Whimsical at times
Smiles in return
Laughter of joy
Standing taller
Warmth and goodness felt
Moments of peace
Free moments

Drew Frederic

Model: Austin Wilde
Location: Abandoned cotton warehouse, St. Louis, MO
Medium: Black and White Photograph

Austin is in a profession that can be very taxing on the spirit and body. I think for a couple of hours he felt at peace while we shot. He was able to unwind from laughing at my corny jokes, be himself, be free. As I was looking at this finished photograph of Austin, I could feel his calmness that day, his peace.  I was reminded of the simple gift I gave him.  The Gift of Free Moments. This does not cost a dime but yet is the most treasured gift of all.

Give my friends, give what you can.

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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