Diary of a 7 Day Fast – Day 1

Day 1 – Sunday, December 2, 2018

I woke up this morning determined to do this 7 day fast.  I have tried before and failed.  I believe I lasted 3 days some years ago when I tried.  Key part, I was just trying.  From what I have read, days 1 through 3 are the easiest.  I did wake up thinking about food.  My mind is playing tricks on me.  This will be more mental than anything else.  My biggest weakness are my thoughts.

why fasting?  People do this for many different reasons.  Religion, health, spiritual, and cleansing are a number of reasons.  I have done 1 day fasts many times.  It is easy to do a 1 day fast.  I am eating the next day right?  haha  I have researched the health aspects.  Researchers have discovered that fasting can help the auto immune system, helps hypertension, helps in fighting acute illnesses, and chronic health issues.  Fasting is not a cure but we have such a horrible Western Diet, I can’t see the harm in giving this a shot.

current health?  I am in good health.  Blood pressure is fine, no major aches or pains, no arthritis, skin is good, teeth and gums are fine, and bowel movements are regular.  I sleep well and dream a ton.  Urine flow is shaky, but this I feel is an age thing and my consumption of caffeine does not help the prostrate at all.

preparing?  I spent the last two weeks weening myself off caffeine.  I had the usual headaches as I went cold turkey.  I did have coffee yesterday and the day before.  First time in over a week.  Stomach upset all day.  I ate pretty healthy the last month.  A Western Diet is not the healthiest.  But I don’t over indulge.  No alcohol for over a week.  Moderate activity level.

why now?  I want to improve my mental toughness.  It is weak.  I am eager to improve my energy levels and see what this will do to my creativity and spiritual health.

Unfinished Charcoal and Watercolor piece I started on Day 1

Weight:  199.6

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