Close Your Eyes

Close Your Eyes

Genre: Abstract Awareness

Medium: Oil Pastel, Charcoal

Your eyes will deceive you every time. They will tell you preconceived thoughts based on what others have told you, what you have read, and what you receive from the media. Your eyes insulate you from the truth. The truth, when known, will shatter all that you know and yet will lift your spirit to heights unknown to you.

Go Blind I Say!!! If you were vacated of sight and we meet, what will you think of me? You will never know until you take the time to speak with me and ask questions. Then, we will relish the joy of a new friendship and glow from laughter. You will know me for who I am.

Eye sight is a gift given to us. Yet it blinds us from knowing the real light of others.

Close Your Eyes and truly see me, for me! Why? I Am More Than What You See. Go blind and let light shine.

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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