Deep Inside A Light Shines

Deep Inside A Light Shines

Genre: Abstract Awareness

Medium: Watercolor, Charcoal, Oil Pastel

Series: I Am More Than What You See

We all were born with a bright light deep inside us. This light always burns. It is the light of kindness, love, and humanity.

No one deserves the wrath of a sharp tongue, judgmental eyes, whispers of piercing gossip, the laughter of hurtful words, the delight of shame, being the purpose of your ego, being made redundant, loss of benefits, or being told “you do not matter”.

If this light is burning a tad softly these days,

re-ignite by doing acts of kindness. Random. Buy someone’s coffee, handout a gift certificate, give the gift of praise to a total stranger, pay for their meal, buy their new coat, help walk them across the street, smile and bid them a wonderful day. If your light shines bright, ask “what more can I do for others” and then act upon your thoughts.

I AM MORE THAN WHAT YOU SEE!!! My light is the same as every living soul on this planet. I will cherish the moments when I get to experience your light. I give you mine without concern. I Am More Than What You See.

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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