I Am Many Things

I Am Many Things

Genre: Graphite

Medium: Portrait Sketch

Model: Kiev Rø

Kiev is a Cyber buddy from the UK. A man with striking bone structure and attitude. I viewed his profile picture and it immediately evoked many thoughts: I am more Than What You See, strength, vulnerability, genuine/real, daring, confident, attitude, loving… I don’t know this man and yet I found myself lifting my graphite pencil and sketching.

People are more than what they show on the outside. Granted their hair, jewelry, and clothing are a part of their persona but the real person is deep inside and this means reaching out and talking to them.

We have the greatest asset in our thumbs and with our phones. Reach out and connect to others in this vast harmonious realm of cyber space! You will be amazed what little words of kindness and action create in another. Within yourself as well!

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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