Male Art – The Beginning

I have put together a collection of Male Art I have created over this past year.  I have created art using mediums such as:  Graphite, Charcoal, Paint, Digital, and Glitching.

One of my first graphite sketches is of a man from Florida.  His name is Julio.

Julio Sketch 2

Here is a sample of Glitch Art.  The model hails from Brazil and his name is Jefferson.  I photographed Jefferson in NYC last Fall.  I then took one of the images and Glitched the heck out of the image.  This is the final result of Glitching.


I will bless your eyes with one more piece.  This piece is of a model from Spain.  His name is Leo.  I photographed Leo while I was traveling in Ireland a couple of years ago.  I created this Digital Line Art based on one of his images.

Leo Line Art

To see my first collection of Art, please click on this link:  Drew Frederic Art – the link will take you to my main website containing photographs of the Male Models.  Cheers and thank you for perusing.

Drew Frederic

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