he sits

lines intersect and bounce off his blade
white piercing lights cascading into a pool
flames exploding, sealing his armor
he is frozen, he cannot feel
he sits
he looks through tiny holes into the sea
his eyes become a prisoner of thought
cannot see his past
his future, yet to exist, knocks
he is now
unable to utter a sound
he sits
the remains of time are his to imagine
his cheeks, rough, stubbled, creased, tanned
feel the cold, harsh, soothing breeze of life
the unknown has captivated his entire
he sits
fear embraced every idea, every shadow
slow movements
he opens the gate, all memories are freed,
tangled fears loosen
he Sees within, he sees himself
tears flow
he sits
everything he has ever been searching for
always has been
he sits


Drew Frederic

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