Miguel’s Echo

Model – Miguel Espinoza
Location – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Artwork – Photograph, Glitch, and Watercolor
I had the incredible opportunity of photographing the stunning Miguel Espinoza. He and I had been chatting for a few years now and finally we were able to open our schedules and collaborate. Miguel has been photographed by some of the top shooters in the industry. Photographing Miguel is a huge honor for me.
This collaboration took place in the most ethereal energy flowing space I have ever had the opportunity to use for a shoot.  This was epic!!!
How this piece developed:   I took this shot as a result of my mind echoing with Miguel’s beauty. As I was editing the photograph in order to be published, I decided to turn the image into a one of a kind piece of Art. I converted the photo to a format so I could convert the photograph to code. I then glitched‘ the photograph to the desired effect. The process of ‘glitching‘ destroys the actual image. I then reconverted the code back to a format to be read as a photograph in Photoshop. After tons of hours of work which included watercolor brushing, hints of architecture, and layer upon layer of effects, I am finally satisfied with this creation — “Miguel’s Echo“.
Miguel Glitch ECHO Architech Exterior IMG_9963
Cheers, Drew Frederic

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