Drew, Drew, Drewwwww where are you? Suns out, days are longer, warmer weather is here. The soft winged ones who cannot handle a Maine Winter are back.

The first birds of Spring are everywhere. They haunt my dreams at night as their incessant buzzing deafens the beauty I create for you. Please come and clean out these vile trapped birds from your shelter I watch over.

My grass will need raking soon. I will have new flowers to make you smile. I have whispered in the new growth of Spruce buds to fill your senses with wonder. Just as I had for your forefathers 300 years ago, I do this again, for you.


I made sure ‘The People of The First Light’ cared for your ancestors so you may exist with me now. Grandmother spoke of your arrival many moons ago.  This lifted my spirits during dark times. There were many.  Now I only have a glimpse of darkness.  This is the Natural order of my existence. I am stronger because of you.

You are my ‘Shepherd’ Drew, I do not exist without you. My joy is you. Our energy is connected. It always has been.

I have slept long enough and now I am awake. Winter is over.

I am ready.

Drew Frederic