There is no greater truth than the saying “We are born to live and We live to die.”

A very dear friend of mine, John Ristaino, lost his sister recently.  His sister, Mary M. Ryan passed away after a long courageous battle with cancer.  I did not know her that well personally, but I knew her well.  I spent many memorable moments at John’s home when we were college buddies and roommates.  He hosted some of the best Christmas gatherings that will always be thought of with much happiness.  I always felt right at home with John’s mother, father, and siblings.  A strong Irish/Italian family, traditions, unity, an open door, incredible food, and amazing family energy.  I always felt right at home, a second home.

This piece of art is dedicated to John’s sister … Mary M. Ryan … may her family be at ease as the Lord grants her peace.  Spring is about new life, restored beauty, fresh beginnings, growth.  The “Crocus” is the first flower of Spring and one of the most beautiful on Earth.  God Bless Mary M. Ryan as her new journey begins.

Mary Ryan Crocus Watercolor IMG_4852

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