Come to me and we will dance
Ecstasy in your veins I will place
You will fly, bleed for me
Shrieks, screams, gasps, I am there for you
No pain is greater than me
I am your salvation, I promise
You believe in me right?   I will not survive without you
I need you just as much as you need me, we are bonded
I will always comfort you
Go ahead, feed from me, I am yours, always
Your joy is my reward, joy is your gift from me
I will never break my promise to you, I am always there for you
Fear, sweat, tremors, shortness of breath?
You need not do anything but come to me
Believe in me, trust in me!
You have a child?  Need not fear as I will be there for her
I am committed to you
I promise you, I swear, you will always feel …
For I am

Kalub_Ciggy_V1 copy
Model:  Kalub Streeter

Drew Frederic

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