3 in 1

OMFW — If a 1 year old had a higher level of thinking he/she would be “WTF – I can eat, poop, and play in this? Bring it on baby momma!!!”


Mom bought this for her great grandson. She thought it is was too yucky to use after the money saving purchase. It’s been sitting in the barn for 5 years. As I investigated, I noticed a flip board on the seat. I lifted it up and thought “genius” an eating spot and shitter in the same unit!! WOW, Impressive Technology!!  As I continued to wipe it down and turned it over, my brain couldn’t handle the surprise. I needed coffee and fast. This is a triple whammy high chair. Once the brat is done eating and shitting, flip the b#%ch over and unscrew the legs and it’s now a play pen.

There are wooden colored balls underneath on a metal rod for a kid to move back n forth or spin. Hahahahaha  This is too much.   🙂

So as I think about this incredible piece of technology, I pause and ask: Why were outhouses invented? Why not just build chairs with a box and hole? Eat and poop. Imagine the number of frostbite butts that are now saying “omg, why dear, why didn’t someone think of this for us adults living in frozen wonderful Maine?” My butt being one. Ughhh the thought of winter at camp and the outhouse or visiting my grandparents in Anson and having to go to the barn to use the ‘two holer’.  Hmmmmm ……. I wonder …… “MOM I have a million dollar idea!!!”

I have decided to reclaim this gem.  With some fine ass inherited ‘Yankee Ingenuity’, this baby is gonna be, well, you will see. Stay tuned folks.

Have a great freakin’ Monday!!!! 🙂

Drew Frederic

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