I started out from the house with ‘Kelle’ to walk down to the beaver bog in Porter’s Fields.  Sun was out, a warm crisp 40 degree summer feeling winter day.  Not much out for animals.  Though, there are plenty of tracks from the deer, turkeys, fox, coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, and fishers.  But not a creature in sight.  I guess they were too busy in the woods checking this poor sap walking down the snowmobile trail with his yellow lab.  Staying behind the trees or within the brush was their safe bet.  Hmmmm woods are cold, walk faster.  Cold air on my face.  I didn’t dress warm.  Jeans, boots, wool socks, T-shirt, hoodie, no hat, no gloves.  Striking out without planning.  Hmmmm  Spontaneity has it’s way of punishing.

Ahhhhhh did the sun feel warm on my face when I left the woods and stepped onto the fields.  Soaking it up, thinking about the beach, swimming in the ocean.  Ahhhh summer in winter.  The bog!  I had my eye on these old dead trees in the middle of this beaver bog which had formed a year ago.  I just had to get the pictures.  Safety first.  Boy Scout for one day is kicking in, finally.  The snow had melted some, but the ice looked solid.  I gingerly stepped out on the ice and listened for the sounds of cracking ice.  None.  I looked back for Kelle, she was busy sniffing out critters.  Oh well, I am sure if I went through the ice, she would race to save me.  Hollywood.

I walked around, investigated my shadows, the light, the angles I wanted.  Stop, listen, no cracking sounds.  Snap, Snap, Snap.  I was getting my pictures and I was pleased.  Yahooooo!!  Smiles galore and a very happy man I was.  Grinning from big ear to big ear.  Let’s go see the beaver hut.  Feeling pretty secure about the ice, I pay no attention to my footing.  Alas, the mistake of confidence.  The wrong emotion to have.  Up to my chest I went.  Ice cold old water filling my boots.  Hell had frozen over.  A scream, camera is tossed, branches being grabbed for, phone in my pocket, ice tearing at my flesh, blood rushing to keep me warm, and adrenaline pumping to keep my mind from freezing.  Seems like an eternity.  I am out in a flash.

Where is Kelle?  Still sniffing as her master saves himself.  Soaking wet, phone is toast, camera is saved, hole in the ice… Wow, what a great view of the dead trees, Snap Snap Snap… the hut… Snap Snap Snap.  Come on Kelle, let’s go.  Kelle!!  Ugggghhhhh   A very warm winter day to walk a mile and a half back to the house with an extra 10 pounds of wet clothes and water filled boots.  Man I love wool socks.  I am blessed.  I am shaking my head at my stupidity and laughing at the same time.  I am blessed.  Man that was freakin’ stupid Drew.  I got my pictures.  Walking slow because fast doesn’t happen with wet clothes.  Old bridge is approached.  What an amazing sight.  Snow, ice, rocks, water, sun glistening.  FRIG IT!!  Snap Snap Snap.  Only live once, tomorrow is not promised.  Snap Snap Snap.  Cold as you know what.  Snap Snap Snap.

Screw you Travel Gods.  So I decided to stay put this Winter, big deal.  So what?  Oh you think this will stop me?  You think 3 Nor’Easters in 10 days is going to have an impact on me?  You think putting a patch of thin ice in only one spot, in my path when I am not thinking straight is going to stop me?   HAHAHA    I got my pictures.  I saved my camera.  Kelle would have saved me if it wasn’t for her nose.  iPhone killed?  Please, Apple has plenty more.  Warm house, a hot shower, and a week with a cold and fever awaits.  I am blessed and I got my pictures.


My emotions.

Drew Frederic

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  1. Danielle Thomson says:

    Drew, I love your realness!! Bless you and your wet wool socks! Thank you for brightening my morning!

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