Jeremy Mallette

Around a year ago October I flew in one uber sexy Canadian — Jeremy Mallette.  Earlier in the summer we were interacting on Social Media.  I was immediately drawn to his magnetic online personality and striking good looks.  The more we interacted online, the more I knew I wanted to photograph him and have him involved with a new project I was contemplating.  Some time slipped by and in September of that year we connected again and finalized the shoot.  I flew Jeremy in from a very cold Fall taking place in Canada to an extremely warm dry Fall in Colorado.


Jeremy was kind of shy at first but I am a Dork.  Shyness does not work around me.  I told some corny jokes, acted like a dork, and started in with the subtle sarcasm.  In no time, he let loose and we started to create some incredible pieces of art.

Being in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Estes Park, CO was the perfect setting for Jeremy.  A hint of frost in the morning, warm sun hitting our skin in the afternoon, and Aspen trees were on fire with bright golden yellow leaves.  The Elk and Mule Deer were roaming all around and I think they were taking a quick peek at Jeremy once in a while. My word, who would not?!!  Jeremy was in his element.  Once he tapped into the energy of his surroundings, his body and mind became effortless.  The clothes started coming off as he started performing for my lens.  The angles he gave me were breathtaking and surreal. I was completely entranced by his aura, in awe of his body, and laughed at his quirky shyness that was still coming through every now and then.


We spent two nights in the Rockies and then high-tailed it to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs to wrap the shoot up.  We shot and shot and every scene was a masterpiece.  I did not want to stop as I kept seeing more and more of what Jeremy was giving me.  He hit a zone at the Garden and our energy was snapping and he ignited ideas and thoughts.  Jeremy was a true pleasure to photograph and it is a photoshoot that I look back on fondly.

Sidenote:  My project did not materialize the way I expected.  I scrapped the idea after one publication and now I am working on another.  You will see Jeremy in this new one and for now you can view more sensual and erotic photographs (18+) of Jeremy on my website at:


Drew Frederic


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