Jonathan Rodriguez, NY

Last time I shot in NYC was in 2012.  It was a day to remember.  Not only did I shoot two very hot men, it was also the hottest day of the summer.  I was sweating from the heat and over heating from the two men I was photographing that day.

Here I am 5 years later and I am back in NYC.  This time in the Bronx and this time it’s fairly cold (Spring) and the only thing making my body temperature rise is Jonathan Rodriguez.  Jonathan has been eager to shoot with me for some time.  We had been chatting back n forth for a number of months.  Never able to set a date till he finally took control of the situation.


He forced my hand, made me make the decision on a date, and he did not disappoint. Tired of traveling around the world for the last three months, I decided to take the bus to NYC and then catch a train to the Bronx.  Plenty of time to think and visualize the shoot.  Jonathan and I met up and he rocked it out from the start.  No warm up period, no small talk, just a very eager young man ready to show his body and face off to the World.

Jonathan’s tatts and body match his personality – beautiful.  He’s a kind soul, huge heart, loves to make people happy, strives to achieve, and aims high.  He prepared relentlessly for this shoot and did I say he is fine as hell?  He is fine as hell!!!


Jonathan got edgy and sensual from the onset.  All types of personalities and attitudes started to shine and he just literally set my lens on fire.  Now it is time to let your imaginations go to work. Head on over to my website at and view this incredible man.  You will need some time on your hands.  His images are not to be quickly viewed.  Take your time and, well, let your self just imagine…

Jonathan has several forms of Social Media so you can interact with him.  He is on Instagram @PhotogenicRay, Twitter @PhotogenicRay_ and Facebook Jonathan Rodriguez.  He’s a hard and busy working man, no guarantee on response time.

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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