Jacob Miller

What do you do when one of the biggest dorks and wingnuts you know wants to be a model?  When he wants you to be his photographer?  When he’s a former student and you’ve know his dorky ass for 4 years?  Only one choice possible… you fly your butt to him immediately and do the shoot.

Jacob is a stunning young lad and life is all about possibilities.  Here is Jacob Miller and his first ever photo shoot!


I recently spent 3 days with Jacob in Jonesborough, TN.  Like, just the past three days. He’s in the middle of moving, high school graduation, prom, and being an 18 year old. We managed to squeeze in a number of shoots and spend quite a bit of free time reconnecting.  We walked 11.5 miles on railroad tracks Monday, 5/16 to an abandoned town at Lost Cove, TN.  Got some sick ass shots and some sore feet!

Life is all about possibilities.  I always told my students this, I told Jacob this.  I walk my talk and am giving Jacob this possibility.  Now it’s up to him.  You can see more photographs of this amazing 18 year old southern boy at www.opensourcemen.com.

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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