Tomer — A Real Man, A Dream

Back in  December of 2016, I was looking through my Facebook and Instagram accounts looking for guys to photograph during my January trip to Tel Aviv, Israel.  I reached out to a couple of guys and got confirmations.  I needed one more and could not find anyone. I hunted and hunted and when I almost gave up, I saw a like on one of my posts from Tomer.  I was, “Wow, I forgot about Tomer, we talked about shooting a couple of years ago.”  I immediately reached out to Tomer and this was our conversation…

Me — “Hey Tomer, I am finally making it to Tel Aviv!!  Let’s shoot?”
Tomer — “Hell yes Drew!!, I’d love to shoot with you :)”
Me — “By the way Tomer, how did you like living in New York City?”
Tomer — “Drew, I have never lived in NYC”
Me — “What?”  I thought you moved there two years ago and lived there for a year?”
Tomer — “Drew, I have always lived in Israel”
Me — “I could have sworn you told me you were moving to NYC two years ago.”
Tomer — “Drew, you and I just started following each other a few months ago.  I really don’t know you other than me liking your photography.”
Me — “Wow Tomer, I have you totally confused with someone else!! This is by chance now isn’t it?”
Tomer — “It sure is and I want to work with you!!”
Me — “Hell yes, this is my lucky day Tomer!!  Absolutely let’s shoot!!”


I felt like a total dork during that chat but this is how I found the gorgeous sexy Israeli ‘Tomer Meshulam’.  I was reaching out to someone I did not even know.  It is funny how things happen.  I am living proof being a dork has it’s advantages!! 🙂  Tomer and I began to chat about ideas and locations during the days leading up to my trip.  During our chats, he expressed his eagerness to explore his sensuality.  My eyes got huge and my grin was nonstop.  Tomer is a very handsome man and he has an incredible personality to match the good looks.  He also laughed at my stupid geeky jokes — this was a total plus! haha


Tomer is pure man!  Tomer is very masculine, he has a dreamy deep voice, has a sense of humor,  strong arms that you want to be held by and enveloped in, broad shoulders to hold the weight of your world, a nice hairy chest and belly that you want to get lost in and say ‘ahhhhh’, a killer manicured beard, dark hair, and deep brown inviting eyes … WOW, I am getting heated all over again just thinking about him.  Tomer, ‘a real man, a dream’ all in one.  You can judge for yourself, just take a look at him!  He is everything I have described and then some.

I have always said “A man that has no personality is just eye candy.  A real man has a personality.”  Tomer is a man.  He is kind, genuine, sincere, talkative, lovable, enjoyable to hangout with,  has a healthy ego, and is very good to his friends.  I shot Tomer for two days and as each shoot was coming to an end, I was trying to drag it out.  I did not want Tomer to leave.  He is just that type of man. Being incredibly gorgeous added to the thought ‘please stay’!!

I have posted more photos of Tomer on my website:, go take a look and let your imaginations go to work!  Sexy and Nice – this is Tomer!!

Cheers, Drew Frederic


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