Kidd Maverick – The Radical Nudist

Living!!!  A radical idea?  Being your own man and living how you see fit and not conforming to Society… is this radical?  Is this living?  I have often lived by how society dictated.  For a long time I did this and then I woke up.  I woke up when I truly embraced my art, my photography.  A few years ago I decided one day to just say “screw normal and screw how I am supposed to live.”  In that very moment, I awoke, and I began to live.

This is how I feel Kidd Maverick lives.  I met the Kidd online a few months ago.  I was looking through profiles of guys who were liking my photos on Instagram.  There are many beautiful and interesting people who follow me and I do not always pay attention to who they are.  Guilty as charged!  🙂   This one particular day I noticed a very smooth, tattted, and pierced young lad.  I was drawn in immediately by his individuality, his raw energy, his dorky personality, and his unique gift of performing.  He is a born nudist who enjoys every aspect of what it means to  be a nudist.

Kidd Maverick_0860

Kidd Maverick is his own man who loves to show off his body for anyone who wants to enjoy and admire raw beauty. He is uniquely tatted to draw ones eye to certain parts of his body. You will stare at those parts and start to fantasize.  Then, you will notice his dorky smile and grin.  You are now hooked and he does not believe in ‘catch n release.’  He will keep you hooked with each photo, with each angle, with each smile, and with his innate ability to perform on the camera.  His selfies are intense, sensual, erotic, and tantalizing. One cannot help but be mesmerized by him.

Kidd Maverick is pure man with a kids heart!!  He is full of sexual desire, playfulness, erotic tendencies, sensual emotions, and he is a total nudist.  The minute we started chatting, I knew I was in for a total treat.  Once I said “Kidd, I really want to photograph you!”, he went nuts with excitement.


Kidd Maverick loves to expose all of his body and he has one incredible body for this.  His caramel smooth skin, seductive tatts, long lean muscles, enticing treasure trail, boyish smile, and erotically placed piercings are nothing compared to his geeky laugh and zest for life.  He is a treasure!!

Kidd was a pro at performing for my eye.  I wanted to shoot him for days but only had two. I left very satisfied but felt like a kid in a candy store.  I wanted more and more and more of this beautiful young man.  Greed is not something I embrace but during my time with him, my lens was very greedy!   I have posted a mix of shots from our shoot on my website Go take a look, but be prepared to be hooked, he will put a spell on you!  If one wants to follow this sexy dork on a day to day basis, follow his Instagram at

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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