Eyal – The Devil Inside

I am trekking around southern Wales back in late October when I notice a comment on a recent post of mine on Instagram.  I am a considerate and polite dude and I express my appreciation to the commenting young lad. His comment leads me to checking him out and as a result of such ‘checking out’, I am very much intrigued by the handsome dork.  I hand out compliments to him in regards to his beauty and charisma and a conversation starts to flow.


We discuss my strong desire to photograph him and his eagerness to be in front of my lens.  Time is limited on my end during my stay in Wales and we have to let things go with “I will be over, I just do not know when.”  Time passes and November rolls around. Thanksgiving approaches and Christmas and New Years follows soon thereafter. With a hectic holiday season,  I somehow find my self with some free time and I start to contemplate about Israel and traveling to the Holy Land.  I wake up thinking about Israel and go to sleep thinking about Israel.  This goes on for a number of days and finally tired of the wondering, I just wake up one morning with the “I have had enough attitude’.  I book a flight, book an Airbnb, and message Eyal “Hey dude I will be in Israel on such n such a date, lets find some time to shoot.”  I think he must have fallen out of bed with shock. There was a pause in his response time, some stuttering, and then some major all out exhilaration from this sexy handsome man.


Amidst his disbelief of me actually coming over, we discussed details, ideas, and a location for the shoot.  During the conversation, Eyal explained to me his desire to explore a side he had just tapped into briefly during a stay in London.  We spoke at length about this and I like to refer to this side as “The Devil Inside.”  It is not a bad thing, no devil, just a saying I use when one wants to explore other sides of their character.  We all have the side in which we let others in our lives see.  This is the safe side.  Some get to see other sides but we humans are an odd lot and we stay pretty protective.  Eyal was ready and eager to unleash a side that would push him into a zone of pure masculine eroticism.

I am only treating you all to a sample of our collaboration.  We shot for three days and the majority of the work is being saved for a future production that will be announced in the months to come. You may wander over to www.opensourcemen.com/models for a glimpse of Eyal – The Devil Inside

1 thought on “Eyal – The Devil Inside

  1. Truly amazing physique and the hairy fur is awesome which compliments this sensuous man…


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