Pierre – Friendship

I rode the Tube with trembling excitement on November 6, 2016. This is when I met him, my online pen-pal … my dear friend Pierre, our first meeting.  We had been chatting on Social Media for two years and the friendship had become very well developed. Reality kicks in on Nov 6 as Pierre has arrived in London.  Fall in London … very cold and rainy, a movie scene. Pierre walks through the metal doors, he spies me, huge hugs, tons of grinning, kisses on the cheeks, hugs again, and finally reality of a friendship digs deep within our souls.

I came to know Pierre when I posted a selfie of a very muscled ebony stud two years ago on my Twitter account.  The selfie was of a very popular online voyeur guy known as ‘Liam Cyber’.  At the time, I did not know he was well known in the online voyeur community.  I did not even know the niche market of ‘voyeur porn’ even existed.  I found Liam Cyber by accident.  I was taken in by his beauty and asked him if he wanted to shoot with me. Liam did his home work and reached out to uber popular gay porn star ‘Austin Wilde’.  Austin and I had collaborated in shoot a year ago and his recommendation of me sealed the deal with Liam.


Liam was eager to shoot with me and I posted a selfie of Liam to promote our shoot.  Pierre is a huge fan of Liam’s and the friendship begins.  Pierre and I strike up an immediate bond and chat for days, weeks, and months.  A year passes as we chat about my work, his art, his work, his life in Paris, my life in Denver.  We discuss influences, inspirations, family, and a very deep emotional bond is forged.

It progressed to the point where we knew at some point we would meet.  No body of water was going to keep us from meeting.  A year passes, a possible meeting does not happen, and our chats continue to be deeper and deeper and the friendship strengthens.  Then one day, I sent a message to Pierre which stated “Hey buddy!! I will be in London in October and November, let’s meet up?”  His reply was immediate with a resounding “YES!!”


Throughout our online correspondence, Pierre had consistently heard me say “Baby, you have one hot body and I want to photograph you!”  Not many people have the type of friendship that Pierre and I have where you can photograph a close friend.  Not only did I photograph him, but I photographed him erotically and sensually.  Our bond is unique and treasured by us both.

Pierre flew over and we hung out for three days.  It was like we had always known each other.  We laughed, laughed, and laughed. Discussed politics, family, art, photography, ate, walked around London, and above all, I photographed this beautiful man, my dearest of friends… Pierre.  The only quiet moments were sleep and when Pierre was getting ready to leave.  That was the toughest part for both of us … the departure.  I rode the Tube with Pierre to catch the Eurostar back to Paris.  The ride was quick with a lot of smiles between us.  I waited and watched as he walked through the line.  He would look back, I would smile, I would wave, he would wave … this continued for hours … for only 10 minutes. The moment came, one last look from my friend, one last smile, two last waves, and eyes watered up.  This is friendship.

I admire this man, my friend, and feel fortunate to have him in my life. Our lives continue to move along and our friendship moves along with the transitions of life. We may not chat as much as we once did as his family and job take up a lot of his time and I am in the same situation. When we do chat, it is always received with a huge grin as we talk about me coming to Paris this time and experience his World. Until then, I take a look at his photos every once in a while and I smile. I smile deep inside my soul as I reflect on our three days in London, my three days with my dearest of friends, Pierre!

You may see more photos from one aspect of our shoot on my website:  www.opensourcemen.com/models.  Love you buddy!!!!

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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