Erotic Innocence – Dekota Stryder

I was online looking at a modeling site to find some guys to shoot before I headed over to England for my month long trip last October. I am not a fan of this modeling site, but said what the heck, let’s check things out.  As I was taking a gander at guys, scrolling and scrolling, I came upon a very unique individual – Dekota Stryder.


I was drawn to Dekota right away because he had dyed his hair a bright lime/yellowish color and I was thinking “who does this?” Dekota does as he is pure individual and that is the attraction. There is no mincing of words with this young Lad.  He says what is on his mind, he has his own unique style of dress, very soft spoken, playful when he opens up, self tatted, pierced up, and a very beautiful young lad!!


Dekota is very charming, loyal, and has a very sweet innocence about him.  You will melt in his eyes and fall in love with his smile. Once you get to know him, his edgy, bad boy side comes out and then he just glows, and glows, and glows.  Dekota was a tough one to loosen up but I like to talk and crack really dorky jokes.  As my sarcasm kicked in and dorky jokes started to fly, Dekota loosened up and was ready to perform.  I said “Dekota just let go, self-eroticize, have fun, and tease the shit out of me!”  WOW!!  Can this sexy young lad tease.  Damn, he teased the shit out of my lens!!  Then, when he put on leather and fetish gear, all hell broke loose!!!  A whole new side appeared and I couldn’t snap fast enough. Dekota was in a rhythm and in his own little world.  I was only a mere spectator, his private audience, as he zoned into an erotic performer.  It was an intense three hours of shoot time with this young stunning soul from Rochester, England.  Intense!!

He has one gorgeous body, a butt to die for, and that thin frame of his with the tatts and piercings — ughhhh he is just deadly!!!  You can see more photos of this UK stud on my website  I will be presenting Dekota and his fetish side in a future post.  Look for sketches and paintings soon of this hot lad.  Till then, enjoy his beauty and raw attitude!!!

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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