Guillermo – The Boy Next Door

I was just waking up to the morning calls of a local rooster at ‘The Old Barn B&B’ in Penmark, Wales on a gorgeous crisp Fall morning in late October.  I had shot quite a few men in the previous weeks and this was ‘me’ time.  I stumbled upon ‘The Old Barn Bed & Breakfast’ in Penmark by chance and I was embracing the small town of 600 or so and the comfort of the B&B.  My first morning there I wanted to go out and find that rooster and end the noise.  But as mornings passed, I rather enjoyed the early wake up calls.  Forced me to get up and go for walks when no one else was up and about.

This particular morning, I checked my Social Media first and found a message from a very beautiful young lad of Honduran descent living in England.  His name is Guillermo and he was complimenting me on my photos.  Conversation flowed effortlessly and it led to me asking if he wanted to shoot.  Guillermo’s response was typical “I don’t have the ripped muscled body as most of the guys you have shot.”  I reinforced the beauty I saw in his tan skin, dark melting eyes, his silky brown hair, his full inviting lips, and his incredibly sexy body. I told Guillermo that he has this ‘boy next door’ look that is very attractive. Guillermo finally said ‘YES!’ and became excited and eager as we continued to chat. In the end I was grinning and saying “Thank You Mr. Rooster!!” for waking me up early.  ‘Me’ time was now on hold.


I reinforced to Guillermo that a muscled body does not define beauty.  Beauty is what is behind the eyes, your energy, personality, what you exude to others… “You Guillermo are true beauty.” Guillermo is a gentle young man who moved from his native Honduras to England to help make a difference with the less fortunate in life. He has a beautiful smile that draws you in and an innocence about him that releases any tension you may have. Guillermo is the ultimate ‘boy next door’.  One you just want to be in the presence of as you know when you leave, your spirit will have been enriched.

As you can see, our shoot took place.  I drove 4 hours from Penmark, Wales to Manchester, England to photograph this ‘boy next door’. Guillermo walked through the door of my hotel room a tad shy and he even stated he was shy.  Within 10 minutes, Guillermo said ‘what the hell’ and threw off his robe.  I immediately said “Guillermo are you sure?”  Guillermo replied “Yes Drew, you make me feel comfortable and I really want to explore this side of me.”  A side that had been waiting with angst for the right moment in time to be released.


Guillermo and I spent the next 3 hours exploring his sensual, erotic side.  We stopped shooting when he was not feeling it and we pushed the areas in which he became very heated.  He steamed up my lens for many, many, many moments.  In the end, I was wiping the sweat off my forehead that built up from the continuous rage of blood flowing through by body.  Gasping for breath and with a huge grin on my face, I looked into those deep dark eyes and said “Guillermo, you are going to just melt some hearts. Job well done my son. This was one intense shoot and I am sooooo happy you commented on my work so this could take place!!”

I say this over and over and over, ‘It’s all about the EYES’ and Energy connects. Guillermo’s face and body got my attention.  His eyes drew me in and his energy connected me.  ‘Guillermo – The Boy Next Door’, shy for 10 minutes and erotic for the next 3 hours.  I am still grinning over the words he stated “Drew I am shy”… bulls%$#!!! hahaha. Seriously though, Guillermo is the sweetest of guys, true to himself, genuine with others, and above all a very good spirit. Guillermo and I have stayed in touch and are planning another shoot.  He’s a unique man and glad to have him in my life.  He makes me grin, a lot! 🙂

You can see more photos from our shoot by going to my website  I only present to you one tiny fraction of one scene.  More of his best photos will be sketched and painted. Prints of those will be available to be purchased at a later date.  For now, peruse his photos and enjoy this Honduran Beauty!

Cheers Mates, Drew Frederic

2 thoughts on “Guillermo – The Boy Next Door

  1. Sensuality and intimacy …fantastic physique and beautiful striking physique…Truly luscious….


  2. Funny how many take their beauty for granted, Guillermo is quite a sexy man!!


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