The Arrival

Comets blast through dark veins
Atoms clash and mix
I have hung on for too long, I need to move on
The final act of control has its grip

My feet found the need to fly
Holy sands burned and etched into my soul
Pins and needles are now numb to my tears
I found my heart on a lonely street

I need saving, my heart is killing every ounce of me
Saving, Saving, Saving, screaming, busting out
Words be damned echo off the night flyers
Brown eyes from another time lit by fire

From a tree the one who saves existed
The roof holds the light of my hand
A brown furry bear is now my best friend
Time has come, release me, please let me go

Searching no more, it will never be found
Golden skin in front of my smile
Listen to me, I have been waiting
Wake up, it’s time, freedom on my face has arrived…

Drew Frederic

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