You Make Your Sun – Tel Aviv, Israel

I woke up in Tel Aviv, Israel depressed and not wanting to get off the sofa.  I looked outside through the patio doors from my prone position and saw a bright sunny day.  For me, my day was gloomy and full of self-loathing.  I stayed on the sofa till noon. Disgusted with myself, I finally arose and decided to do some stretching and exercises.  Thought this would lift my spirits.  I put on some Brandon Flowers, his ‘Flamingo’ album.  I listen to part of a song and had a complete meltdown.  Tears streamed and my body shook.

The crying made me feel better and I decided to get dressed.  I grabbed my camera and took off for a walk. I had to or else I was going to just be caught up in myself.  I grabbed a strong cappuccino from a local coffee shop and headed to The Carmel Market in Tel Aviv. I was feeling better with each step I took and then I heard a sound…  Music has always been a huge part of my life.  It has saved me in my darkest of hours.  I found myself drawn to this unknown sound, an angelic voice resonated with my being, looking in every direction for the source, spinning my head constantly and then… I spied the source, the sun, the gift, the jewel of Israel …

Uriel David, Tel Aviv, Israel

I was completely drawn in by his energy.  His soothing voice, his lyrics, and his guitar were all peacefully/spiritually natural.  I stood for a moment to listen with my eyes and ears. My soul was pleased and enlightened. As I was listening, my camera began to twitch “Take some photos Drew.”  I am a good listener and started to photograph this gem.  Uriel noticed me right away and his smile of gratitude won me over. His music became more and more angelic and his smile more infectious as moments in time passed. I could not stop shooting, my lens was drawn to every move of his fingers on the strings of his guitar, every expression on his face, and every smile he gave while singing.  Uriel is a gift to us all and I had to capture.  The Carmel Market is a very busy section of Tel Aviv, all was blocked out as Uriel’s energy connected with mine and it was just the two of us.  Two souls connected in a brief moment in time.

Uriel David, Tel Aviv, Israel

As all of this was taking place, my soul was reminded of a statement by a very good friend of mine, Bradley Odice… “This is very serendipitous Drew”… a statement made on a train in Denver when the two of use met out of the blue on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  I have always wondered about this statement by Bradley and today the statement hit my core. Everything had to fall into place this day.  Depressed, not liking myself, a meltdown, and deciding to get over it for me to run into ‘Uriel David’… The source of the sound, my sun … A serendipitous meeting… Energy!

Uriel David, Tel Aviv, Israel

I spoke with Uriel after he finished playing for the day.  He is a very genuine soul with a plan for his music.  I encouraged and encouraged him to release some music on ‘SoundCloud’ for the rest of the world to enjoy… He will think about it and boy do I ever hope he does release.  I can listen to his voice, his lyrics, his music all day long!!  He is solid in his plan and extremely focused.  I have photographed 100’s of musicians and bands, but Uriel hit me right in my core, my being.  Uriel David is ‘REAL’…  A pure, unadulterated, happy, loving soul who has a gift.  The gift of touching people with music.

Uriel David, Tel Aviv, Israel

I am looking forward to more music from Uriel David in the future.  My being will be lifted for a lifetime when he finally releases an album.  Till this time comes, memories will keep me smiling.  Cheers Uriel David and thank you for helping me “Make My Own Sun” today!! Happiness comes from within.

Side Note:  Uriel’s last name is ‘David’ which I am guessing means he descends from the House of David as do I — we are all related via Energy  🙂

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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