Come, Take a Walk With Me (In memory of my Uncle Richard)

Come, take a walk with me… In the Maine Woods.  It is time for some reflection.  I have the perfect path for you.  It leads down the ‘Old County’ road from my Mom’s farmhouse along a brook.  We can meander along the grass covered road and feel the sunlight warm our faces.

We can peek through the woods and imagine the deer, bear, turkeys, raccoons, and moose that are walking with us now.  We can listen to the water as it flows over the rocks and hear the squirrels chatter at us.  We will watch the Chickadees flutter about as they sing and follow us.  Reminding us we are not alone.

I will take you across the old bridge built in the 1800’s and come up the back side of the brook.  We will make our way along the brook following a deer path they have been using before our time.  We will come to the ol’ swimming hole with a natural rock slide and waterfall.

We will sit down and reflect upon our lives, our friends, and especially our family.  We will reflect on how much family is important to us all and not to be taken for granted as tomorrow is not promised.  We will remember, with laughter and smiles, the good times we had at family gatherings, the many holidays, anniversary parties, birthday parties, reunions, weddings, arrival of newborns, funerals, and the times we just showed up to visit.  We will reflect on memories which bring us into the ‘present’.

We will reflect and remind ourselves that in the end, it’s all about ‘FAMILY’… We will talk about removing the words ‘should’, ‘could’, and ‘would’ from our vocabulary and just keep the words ‘we will’ and ‘I will’.

We will then walk to the spot where once a water wheel stood that was part of a cheese making building in the 1800’s.  The old stone walls are still there.  We will end up back at my Mom’s farmhouse and walk out back and wander around what’s left of the old rock foundations and look at the old iron tools and wagon wheel rims I have left laying around for your imagination.  We will reflect.

Then I will gently give you a hug and we will give thanks for Family and what we have been given.

Come, take a walk with me…

This is dedicated in the Memory of my Uncle Richard Bryce York (Dec. 24, 1931 – Nov. 11, 2016).  A lover of the Maine Woods and Family.

Drew Frederic

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