Jose Ramirez — ‘The Sexy Goofball’

A comment on a social media photo, a text conversation, a phone call, a walk, a red-tailed hawk, and my intuition led me to Jose Ramirez.

I had received a phone call from an acquaintance a while back that I needed to look into photographing Jose.  I got online, looked around social media, liked what I saw and decided to reach out.  We chatted for a bit one afternoon while I was at school, discussed ideas and plans with the photoshoot.  I told him I liked what I was hearing and that I would get back to him about the details (impatient students needed me…).  Later that day after school, I was out walking my pup and the phone rang.  Jose wanted to know about what I was thinking about for the shoot and the details.  As I was describing my ideas to him, my spirit guide flew over and the creative juices just started flowing… At that moment, I knew this photo shoot with Jose was going to be an experience of a life time.

I flew Jose into Denver, we went down to Manitou Springs to shoot around Graffiti Falls and he was a tad awkward at first.  I mean really awkward.  I was not expecting this.  I actually had to take some deep breaths and say “Drew, this will all unfold, be patient!” I said to Jose “Hey Broski!  Just close your eyes, take a number of deep breaths, then open your eyes and then just let loose!”  Usually what lets loose is the ability to start modeling and show off the body.  Hell no, not with Jose!  The first thing that let loose with him is his goofy side and what a riot he was.  He started laughing and being a dork.  I said to myself “what the frig?”  There was nothing I could do so I simply went with the energy and started snapping.

Jose Ramirez 10
Jose and his ‘Irresistible Smile’

Over the course of the entire weekend, Jose evolved.  He went from being funny, serious, not so serious (drove me a wee bit bonkers), sexy, sensual, masculine, a tad withdrawn, to the life of the party, a jock, and then being incredibly irresistible.  Irresistible is the perfect word for Jose.  Just look at that smile of his!!!  Who is ever going to resist that?  Oh!  By the way… Jose is a Gemini … does that explain all his moods?  Hahaha… Well, I am a Gemini as well, so I get him.  Now put two Gemini’s together, it is like having your own personal fireworks.  It was explosion after explosion!!

Jose Ramirez 4
Jose getting ‘nudie nabbed’…

This above photo of Jose is one of my favorites because of the story behind it.  We were doing this nude hike at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  Jose is trekking along in front of me so I can get snaps of his sexy butt.  We were both so tuned into what we were doing that we were unaware of hikers coming towards us.  When we finally realized hikers were approaching, it was actually too late.  Jose grabbed his pants and tried to put them on, fell down, I am shaking my head, he looks up at me, and we just busted out laughing. The couple coming down towards us were also laughing and just as hard as we were.  We were totally nabbed by two good sports!!  The couple both got a really good look at Jose, smiled, and said to us “Thanks!!”  We nodded, they walked by and we started in all over again.  They even busted out laughing once they got past us.  That was not the only funny part.  Look closely at the photo… see how close he is to those cacti?  That was a close one (not that I would have minded tending to the needles in his butt…) and I started laughing all over again when I noticed that.  I am telling you… gut wrenching shoot!

Jose is a good sport, he put on quite the show for my lens, he entertained me the entire weekend, and we bonded extremely well.  A very memorable shoot!!  I have posted some photos on my website for you all to view.  Warning!!  All photos of Jose are 18+ in age for viewing.

Go on!  Take a look at this gorgeous sexy goofball!

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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