Rydrr Sizzles…

I am trekking right along to East Texas at the end of last summer to see my kin’.  It is a long day’s ride from Denver to Cushing.  16 hours to be exact.  One huge stretch of pure flatness from the Eastern plains of Colorado and the Western Plains of Kansas.  Driving south through Oklahoma is a tad better, rolling hills!!  Not much to look at and many miles between towns.  It is well into the 100’s on this trip and I am anxious as I get closer.  As I pull within shouting distance, I know a few things… I am tired, hungry, and sweaty.  I pull into the town of 604 pop. and I am welcomed with bright big smiles, plenty of hugs, and an ice cold beer.  I always enjoy seeing my family in East Texas.  They fill me up with good southern food, make me feel loved, and we always have some lite hearted, spirited games of ‘Texas 42’.  I’m usually the only ‘white’ boy at the domino table and the one with the calm voice.  You know the one they need to be worried about cause I wear a straight face.  Well, straight as I can for this ol’ gay guy.  haha

The first night I am at peace yet restless.  The heat, oh my word, it is so hot in Texas at the end of July.  The heat of the southern Sun can just about boil the skin if you stand in the sun too long.  The house heats up so and it takes forever to cool down.  Thus, my first night was rough.  Morning takes forever to arrive and when it does, the neighbor’s ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’ bird wakes me up … ughhhhhhh!!!! … freakin’ bird needs to look right into the barrel of a .410 and see what happens.  🙂  I am in so need of some java!!  It is into my car and drive the fast roads to the nearest Starbucks (23 miles).

I get lonely at times along my lonely journey.  I usually socialize and converse with gay men along my trip using two specific social apps.  I no more than get my Espresso Quad, sit down and I hear a ‘bing’.  Wow!! Here is this sexy young frat stud from the local University wanting to shoot with me.  That was quick!!  We chat for a bit and set up a date for a shoot.  With his looks and cocky attitude, he needs to be in one hot car.  My sister just bought a 2016 Yellow Camaro. It is a no brainer, “Please Shay, let me use your car for a shoot??!!”  She loves the shit out of me and this is how ‘Rydrr Sizzles’ came about.

Trey Camaro 13

Rydrr and I met at sunrise at Starbucks, hugged, and he immediately started to sizzle my lens.  We chatted a bit, I got another Espresso Quad, my caffeine buzz kicked in and so did my… whew did it ever…

We did a very erotic shoot and things got pretty heated quickly and it was not due to the heat either.  Rydrr was eager to show case his endowment as he was feeling the new environment.  A brand new 2016 Yellow Camaro!  Add the power of the muscle car to the confidence and dominant personality of Rydrr — ‘SIZZLING’ is the right word for this hot frat boy in the new Camaro.  We did start out calm, but shit… that lasted maybe 10 minutes.  Rydrr was on fire in no time.  Rydrr had never modeled before and his awkwardness was completely overshadowed by his innate desire to perform for my lens. Wow!! Did he ever perform!  As a result, we created some very homoerotic photos for your viewing pleasure.  These two are the tame ones!!

Trey Camaro 5B

*Disclaimer — All photos posted on my website are 18+.  For the heated and erotic photos I have been talking about, please click on this link:  www.opensourcemen.com/models

Cheers Mates — Drew Frederic

3 thoughts on “Rydrr Sizzles…

  1. Awesome…Awesome pictures and Rydrr definitely sizzles….Great shoot and fantastic young delicious physique…..Hot!!


  2. Hey,
    I cannot find the promised pictures on http://www.opensourcemen.com/models
    have they been removed?


    1. I have not posted new photos yet.


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