I was setting up a shoot with a young man I had previously photographed, Francois, when he suggested being involved with a couples shoot.  I am always hesitant photographing couples as the dynamics and energy have to be spot on.  One wrong word from one of them and feelings can be tweaked.  Emotions will show on film.  Shooting couples is just plain tricky.

I quizzed Francois over and over about the couple shoot and he assured me that all would work out.  Not good enough, I asked for his friend’s cell, Tobias, and I texted him.  Tobias told me he was a true novice (excited with this part) and that he was eager to shoot and that he is easy going.  I began to feel a wee bit at ease.  Finally it was “What the heck Drew, what do you have to lose?”  The shoot was on.  I got to the hotel first to set up my equipment and as I was just wrapping setting my equipment up, in walked the models.  I was awe struck the minute I laid eyes on Tobias.  WOW!! Shaking my head and telling myself “Drew, this shoot is just going to be over the top!”

Tobias and his amazing backside!! — Shot in Denver, CO

Take a look at this backside of Tobias!  Makes me shake my head in awe!!!  I am taking this blood pressure raised moment to introduce you to Tobias.  This is his solo section for all of you to enjoy.  I have posted more photos on my website at:  These photos are definitely 18+ and be warned, they will raise your blood pressure a wee bit. View them alone or with like minded folks but be warned, Tobias has one amazing body and he will trigger a fantasy or two.

Tobias — Shot in Denver, CO

Tobias comes across as a very shy man and has a great smile.  I think I have been warned about these types!  Seriously, Tobias is a very special man.  He’s nice, pleasant, very polite, sincere, and easy in conversation.  He is very ‘easy on the eyes’!  It was a pleasure shooting Tobias and if you think these photos are intense, just wait for Francois and Tobias’s couple shoot…those will just knock your socks off.  Coming soon!!!

Till then, enjoy the many angles of Tobias!!


Drew Frederic

1 thought on “Tobias

  1. Kepano Kanahele July 17, 2016 — 2:41 pm

    Really enjoy your work, you have a great talent for combining the celebration of the male form while honoring the beautiful physical surroundings that set your stage…


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