Winter in Maine

It is a very warm winter day in Denver (62 degrees) and I find myself missing Winters in Maine.  I have been reflecting on those days of past and how much Maine Winters shaped me as a boy and a man. Anyone who has lived in Maine year round, knows that Maine Winters can be brutal. They also know that Mud Season sucks, Spring is beautifully intense, Black Fly season sucks even worse, Summer and Fall are Maine in it’s glory and why ‘people from away’ move to Maine.  If you do your math, Maine has 6 seasons and probably can be broken down into more.  But of all of them, the 3 to 4 month Winter in Maine is the one season that will either make you or break you.

I miss being on the shores of Sebago Lake State Park when no one else is around.  Just me and the slight sounds of the cold winter waves crashing the shores.  Nothing like sitting on the shore on a 10 degree day soaking up the sun and just dreaming about…  I miss walking the never ending logging roads that criss-cross the entire state with my Mom’s dog ‘Kelle’.  I miss the sounds of the Maine State bird the ‘Chickadee’.  The Chickadee is the one bird that will forever be the true testament of withstanding a Maine Winter.  You will find this small bird out in the harshest of Noreasters’ and coldest of days.  It will always be out hunting for food and singing it’s song ‘chickadee-dee-dee’.  They love to investigate people and are a treasure when you think all is lost.  They will be your friend when you think you have none.

Sebago Lake State Park
The shore of Sebago Lake, Sebago Lake State Park

I miss ice fishing on Webb Lake on New Years Day when it’s 50 below zero with the wind chill factor.  Had my first taste of liquor on one of those days with my cousin from South Dakota.  Over 15 of us were up on the lake ice fishing and my cousin and I were the only ‘nuts’ to be out drilling holes and putting bait on the lines.  The rest were staying toasty in camp.  That is the coldest I have ever been.  I will never forget that day.  My cousin goes “Here Drew, drink some of this Peppermint Schnapps, it will keep you warm.”  Boy did it ever. We did not catch any fish that day but I did catch my first ‘buzz’ and my mom was some pissed when we got home.  She got over it! lol

I miss walking the brook on my Parents’ property.  Careful not to fall through the ice and yet doing whatever it takes to get the shot.  I miss investigating the old stone walls that are still in place where houses and barns once stood back in the 1800’s.  I always thought I would find my ‘buried treasure’ in one of those old stone walls. Funny, I sure did find my treasure every time I walked around one and then just sat and took it all in.

Kelle, My Mom’s baby

Maine in Winter is not for the light at heart.  It has driven plenty of ‘flatlander’ away (this does not bother us et’all).  It takes a certain type of person to be able to handle the beauty of harsh Maine Winters that are sure to hit every year.  They are not forgiving.  But if you can sit back and get past the physical extremes and take in the spiritual aspects, you will forever be rewarded and you will always want to come back.

Yeah, I miss Winter in Maine.  I know some people think I must be crazy.  But shit, Mainers are absolutely freakin’ nuts and I am proud to be one.  I was born and raised to be a true Maineiac from a long line of Maineiacs hailing back to the early 1700’s.  We have to be called Maineiacs for we have to put up with ‘people from away’ or also known as ‘summer complaints’.  HAHA 🙂

Winter in Maine — nothing else compares

Cheers, Drew Frederic

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