The Serendipitous Artist

I just love the the whole ‘serendipitous’ part of life!  I am always open for new ideas and having people enter my life.  I am an explorer by nature and I have a very trusting soul.  I keep my ‘inner eye’ open for I never know who is going to enter my life.  A year ago I had just started the idea of publishing an online photo book of the men I shoot.  This is when I came across a young man in France.  I was looking through Tweets on Twitter, looking at men to reach out to when I came across Liam Cyber.  Liam is a very stunning african american young man with a ripped body and muscles galore.  I chatted him up about shooting and he accepted the offer and plans were in the works.  We planned on an early October shoot in the Rockies.

I did not really pay much attention to his fan base at the time but unbeknownst to me he had quite the following on Twitter. One such fan/follower is an artist in Paris, France – Pierre Bruno.  I always promote my shoots by posting a selfie of the model on Instagram and Twitter to let my fans know what hotties are coming their way. Pierre started to follow me and he let the praise flow in regards to my work.  I was very thankful for this and a cyber friendship started to develop.  Through our online conversation, he let it be known to me that he was an artist and liked to draw/sketch.  My brain immediately went into over drive and I asked him to sketch out a couple of models for me.  One model being Liam Cyber.  Pierre is one of Liam’s biggest fans and I could see Pierre pissing his pants over this opportunity!!  Pierre already knew the shoot was coming up and was eager to receive some photos to use.

The shoot came and went, I sent Pierre some photos.  He sketched and sent me the results.  I was blown away by what he sketched out.

I immediately contacted him and made an offer for him to sketch out the cover model of my first Issue of ‘Open Source Men’. This model was Joe Frederick of Philadelphia.  I had not taken photos of him yet but knew that Pierre’s talents would push me over the edge.  He did just that with a photo of Joe.

Pierre and I continue to build a friendship even though a huge pond separates us.  I ask his opinion on photos and with decisions with my business.  We have built up a trust and bond that will be forever lasting.  One day, I will cross this pond and we will meet, hug, have an espresso, and I will get to shoot him.  He is one sexy man as well!!!  I have a lot of respect for this artist I met serendipitously and I admire his art, who he is as a man, as a human being, and as a friend.

Here are some selfies of my amazing artist friend ‘Pierre Bruno’…

You all can be on the look out for Pierre to be shining in the months and months to come as he continues to master his art and drawing the amazing Men of ‘Open Source Men’.  Here is a glimpse of his other work.  He does an incredible job of sketching out architecture and the wonderful creatures that roam and swim on our planet!!!

You can follow him on Instagram @pierre_lob and I will keep you posted on his work.  Love you my friend!!!

Cheers — Drew Frederic

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